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INVADER French - Born in 1969 ALIAS LND_38 - 2007

INVADER French - Born in 1969 ALIAS LND_38 - 2007 Mosaic tiles, resin, plexiglas and identity card Signed with the logogram and dated This work corresponds to the invasion 38 made in June 1999 in London and located Shelton st. / Endell St. Since 1998, Invader has been working on a project he calls Reality Game. He invades public spaces all over the globe with his clearly recognizable logo, inspired by the arcade game Space Invaders. The invasion has become global from Tokyo to New York via London, Hong Kong, and even Tanzania. The invasion campaign began in Paris, with over 1,200 interventions by Invader on the walls of the French capital. His goal: to invade and cover the entire city. Each mosaic he creates is unique and designed for a specific location, collected in books recounting different city invasions. Each one emphasizes the specific qualities of a given location and catch the eye of passers-by, encouraging them to reflect or simply contemplate the result. Gaming is still an integral part of Invader's world. Each mosaic wins you points in the game Flash Invader, developed by the artist. Similarly, everyone can contribute to this vast planetary project and can create their own invasions of urban space using "invasion kits". h: 20 w: 24 cm Provenance : Lazarides Gallery, London Acquired directly from the above by the present owner Bibliographie : London invasion / Bad men part II, exhibition catalogue at Lazarides gallery, Lazarides edition, London, 2007, the Space Invader in situ reproduced page 05 Estimation 100 000 - 150 000 HKD Sold for 138,200 HKD

  • FRAFrancia
  • 2016-10-03
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Walter Richard Sickert (1860-1942) - Vineyards, 1941

Walter Richard Sickert (1860-1942) Vineyards, 1941 oil on hessian, signed at lower right, signed and titled on an adhesive label to the stretcher 20 x 28 in., 50.8 x 71.2 cm Provenance: Cecil Gray, London (purchased before 1948). Thence by descent to the present owner. Literature: Dr. Wendy Baron, Sickert: Paintings and Drawings , Yale University Press, London and New Haven, 2006 [p.561,] . The current work is a view of Roman Road in Bath taken from just outside Bladud Buildings (where Sickert had a studio in 1917), with the crescent of The Paragon on the right and Vineyards on the left (roads in Bath are divided into named terraces). Sickert painted two versions of this topographical view, the other version has a car in the middle distance but omits the figure. Both were almost certainly painted from squared-up photographs taken by Therese Lessore (who became Sickert's third wife in 1926 ). As the artist was by now an elderly man, Lessore is also known to have assisted him in the execution of these late works. The artist died in Bath in the subsequent year, this work is therefore one of his very last paintings in what was an extraordinary career as a painter, one that continues to influence some of the most celebrated artists of today. The original owner of the work was Cecil Gray, a well-known and highly renowned music critic and composer of the late Edwardian period. He resided in Fitzrovia during the 1930s where he would have certainly met Sickert and other important artists and writers of the time. We are grateful to Dr. Wendy Baron for her assistance in the cataloguing of this lot.

  • GBRGran Bretaña
  • 2014-11-26
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