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Femme nue tenant une coupe

  • GBR
  • 2005-06-21
Acerca del objeto
The woman and the sea is the leitmotiv of Spillaert’s œuvre during 1908-13, the most fascinating period of his career. At times bathers, at others fishermen’s wives, his mystical protagonists ‘respond to the call of liberty emanating from the ocean’s immensity. The apparition of the solitary bather evokes the sensual woman, of absolute freedom. She shares a privileged relationship with the sea through their similar temperaments. The water’s fluidity inspires her like a temptation, she allows herself to be rocked by its undulations as she becomes a nereid’ (A.A. Pannier in Léon Spilliaert (exhibition catalogue), op. cit., 1998-99, p. 159).
Femme nue tenant une coupe captures spectacularly the unique mood of Spilliaert’s finest work. ‘Solidtude’, as Anne-Adriaens Pannier has noted, ‘personified by a female silhouette lost in nature’s immensity or abandoned in a desert-like environment, is a theme woven throughout [his] oeuvre’ (A.A. Pannier in Léon Spilliaert (exhibition catalogue), Museum voor Schone Kunsten, Ostende, 1996, p. 20).
Spilliaert’s expressive power during this period was achieved through a radical economy of means. ‘Simplifying the structure of his vision, he looked to volume to create power, reducing expressivity to a simple language of line and contour. The stylised silhouettes thus created are profiled, monumentally, with large fields of monochrome in a neutral space formed of densely worked diagonals…’ (ibid.). As in the present example, however, the apparent simplicity of the composition belies a complex and nuanced manipulation of various media.

FIG. 1, Léon Spilliaert, Les pieux, 1910................... TO COMPLETE
Signed Spilliaert and dated 1910 (lower right)

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